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The Purpose of PASSCOM

 Ø     To stimulate awareness of the need for citizens and businesses to prepare for emergencies and/or disasters that could occur in the San Gorgonio Pass area.

Ø     To organize training and assistance to ensure that the public and business community know what to do before, during and after an emergency or disaster.

Ø     To assist local government in preparing for their role in emergency and/or disaster incidents.

Ø     To enhance the working relationships between emergency response organizations.


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Mission Statement
It is Passcom’s mission to act as a central point of information, preparation and training for emergencies or disasters that may affect residents in the San Gorgonio Pass communities.

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Services offered

Ø    Guest speakers and information to the general public and businesses on how to prepare to be self-sufficient for at least 72 hours after a disaster or emergency.

Ø   Training and development of emergency drills for businesses, schools, mobile home parks, individuals, etc.

Ø   Crisis and emergency management training.

Ø   Assistance in preparing business disaster plans.

Ø   Assistance in preparing business recovery plans.

Ø   Safety training and programs.

Ø   Coordinating first aid and CPR courses.

ØCommunity Emergency Response Team Training (CERT).



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